Be Kind.  Be Calm.  Be Safe.

Please note that I am seeing only fully-vaccinated patients effective October 15, 2021.

Please wear a mask to your appointment.  Studies have shown that cloth masks are less effective with the Omicron variant.  Please wear a surgical grade or N95 or N99 mask if possible.  London Drugs carries Vitacore N99 masks (you can order online and pick up in store)

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time (10 minutes if this is your first appointment)  This will give you time to wash or sanitize your hands and for us to discuss the goals of your treatment.

I leave at least 20 minutes between clients so the room can be aired out and I can sanitize surfaces.

I keep the window open for ventilation.  I also have an air purifier when it’s too cold to have the window wide open.  I am doing what I can to keep all of us safe.  PLEASE – if you are sick do not come to your appointment.  Call or text at 250-642-2882 to cancel.  You will not be charged a fee.

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